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Londra, 6-20 settembre 2014

Alcuni commenti dei Ns studenti di ritorno dallo stage di Londra:

"I really enjoyed the stage in London. Everything was nice and well organized, and all the visits we did in the city were interesting, especially the one to the British Museum, which I found awesome. The family was really kind and generous, they helped us a lot and always treated us well. Their cooking was nice and also their home was comfortable and clean.  The thing I liked the most was the school, especially our teacher, Anita,who succeeded in helping us improve our language, with her friendly and kind manner. I would recommend this stage to everybody, because I think is really useful, interesting and obviously fun!"   [Valentina 5AL]

"My stage in London was very very nice and interesting because I love London, the organisation was fantastic, the school was helpful and my family was hospitable and very chatty and food was super good!!!!! I think that, once in a lifetime, we need to do stage in London because it is very helpful, it opens our mind, we can improve our knowledge, English and relationships with teachers!!! All the monumets we visited were interesting and well worth a visit."   [Roberta 5AL]

"I have just returned home after a two-week stage in London and it made me want to return there as soon as possible. I always wanted to visit London and I finally managed to do it, also thanks to the perfectly organized guided tours that allowed me to visit all the main places of interest of the city. Furthermore, this experience helped me to improve my English: lessons in the college were very useful and also staying in a host family, with whom I could speak every night, was very helpful. My host family was also very kind and hospitable and they always cooked tasty dinners for me. Thanks to this experience I also made new friends and, overall, it was a very nice experience that I would recommend for sure."   [Chiara 5AL]

I really enjoyed my experience in London. It was a great opportunity to improve my English; The lessons were very interesting and I was very happy about my host family, they were very kind and my host mother was a very good cooker and I really appreciate her cooking. We visited many beautiful things, and I loved Buckingham Palace and the National Gallery. I really liked the musical Billy Elliot: I found it amazing! I think it was an awesome experience, we visited a wonderful city, I met new friends and I improved my English a lot!   [Anna 5C]

Our London experience: The trip to London was such a good way to practice and to improve the English of all the students who were there with us. We found it very interesting even if the language may seem difficult, we swear, you have the opportunity to practice and speak it all the time: with the host family (with whom you can keep in contact and continue to practice your English!), with the teachers, with the people you meet while you’re walking, or even with your friends. This is such a great experience because we could also meet new mates from our school we didn’t know, and we had the opportunity to eat new things that we don’t have in Italy. We’d also say it is a good way to see places you’ve never seen before, like ‘the Big Ben’ or ‘the London Eye’, ‘Buckingham Palace’ and all the most important sights in London or near there; that’s what we saw and what we enjoyed the most. If you ever go to London, go to Madame Tussauds, which is a great place to visit. A few words about the school: it was a good place to study at, and the teachers were very patient and helpful with us. Another thing to say is that it's fine to stay in a host family, because you can understand their different culture better and you can learn how to adapt to other situations too. So at the end we would say that this has been an amazing experience because we met a lot of new people and we improved our English, or better, we hope so!   [Laura and Federica 4AL]

Going to London has been such a good experience for me. First of all, I had never been there before and I really liked the city, especially the old buildings such as Westminster Abbey mixed up with modern ones likeThe Shard. I also enjoyed the college: I liked my teacher and I met new people; the lessons helped me improve my speaking and listening skills. I loved visiting the museums and I liked all the parks and monuments. I was excited when I saw London from the top of the London Eye…and when I went shopping at Oxford Street ! The things I liked the most are: Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey and the London Eye. I suggest the trip to other students because it’s not just going sightseeing, but also an opportunity to make new friends and speak English with native speakers.   [Alessandra 4A]